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When Mr. B was playing in front of his first large audience and met Bob Seeley for the first time many years ago, little did he know that the two would become close friends and two of the better known international purveyors of boogie-woogie piano alive today. Mr. B, influenced by a number of boogie-woogie piano greats including Little Brother Montgomery, and Bob Seeley, a classical pianist by training and protégé of the late great Meade Lux Lewis, deliver grace, style, lightning, and thunder.
"I first met Bob Seeley in 1982. I was playing in Metro Detroit, on a large stage for a big crowd on a bill that included Big Joe Turner and J.C. Heard. An usher approached me and mentioned that a gentleman wanted to meet me, and within the next hour or so, Bob and I were sharing a piano bench and improvising a four-handed boogie woogie for a few thousand people.
"We've been close friends ever since. In fact, Bob refers to himself as my illegitimate father, and I call him Dad. We have played far and wide together over the years, and Bob has been a great example to me in so many ways. I feel fortunate to have been Bob's friend.... (He's) one of the absolute finest purveyors of classic piano blues and boogie."
Mark Lincoln Braun (Mr. B)


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