Benny Culture &

Singie Shante


Performing combinations from 1998 until Benny Culture's untimely death in 2004, their authentic old-world Jamaican values and reliance on God (Jah) come through strongly in their music and reflect their rural roots. They were among the most positive voices coming out of the Caribbean at the turn of the century.

Benny Culture began performing when he was 15. His consciousness lyrics and unique chanting style captivated and excited audiences immediately. By the time of his death, his philosophy had deepened and his music had matured, in the roots reggae tradition, while his following continued to grow, especially around his boyhood home in Port Antonio on the island's Northeast coast. He performed his thought-provoking, yet humor-filled original songs in the more sophisticated, urban Kingston setting, as well, and on Jamaican radio. He also produced dub plate recordings for sound systems in Jamaica, Britain, and Europe.

Singie Shante has been singing all his life and feels that singing is his life. Singie's relaxed easy style has been likened to great Jamaican singers Garnet Silk and Tenor Saw. His smooth, melodious tones and his positive, uplifting lyrics have made him a favorite for stage shows with live bands and sound systems in mostly rural Jamaica. He can also be heard on Jamaican radio. Singie's Rastafarian ideals of love and unity provide a strong foundation for his music. He is as comfortable with the tough issues as he is with romantic love songs. He has been a leader in the musical response to HIV/AIDS, and other major social issues.


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